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Monday Updates

This week is off to an uncertain start. Perhaps, like me, you stayed up late on Sunday night switching between the news and hitting refresh on your Twitter feed. I have heard accounts from friends all over the country of upheaval in their communities that is not only distressing but scary. I pray you and all your loved ones are safe.

Reflections on Last Week

~ After a week of civil unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests broke out this weekend across the country. Social media was overwhelmed with video accounts of mayhem, looting and clashes with law enforcement. More than 25 cities imposed curfews and the National Guard was called out in 24 states including Washington, DC. There was widespread looting across the country from Rodeo Drive to Michigan Avenue. In Philadelphia, protestors stole a police cruiser and in Atlanta a mob stormed CNN headquarters. And late last night, someone set a fire in the basement of St. John's Church on Lafayette Square in Washington, DC. This historic church was built when James Madison was president and sits a block from the White House.

I can't and won't speculate on the reasons why we are on the verge of complete chaos of confusion. But this isn't just about justice for George Floyd anymore, it's become more than that.

~Last week, President Trump announced that the United States will pull out of the World Health Organization and that he will be redirecting the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding that would normally go to the organization. The President has been frustrated with the organization and has demanded that it make much needed reforms. At the same time, Trump demanded that the world needs answers from China in regards to the coronavirus. It looks like the European Union will continue to double down on its support of the WHO and has no plans to withdraw support. Will the WHO reform? That is yet to be determined but we can all certainly agree that missteps have been made globally on the handling of the coronavirus and there should be accountability.

~A new era in spaceflight has begun. On Saturday, Space X and NASA made history when it launched astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into space — for the first time since 2011. The Space X Crew Dragon successfully docked at the International Space Station after a 19 hour journey on Sunday morning.

To be honest, this was a much needed break and I enjoyed watching the rocket launch on Saturday afternoon with my boys. Joe Hargan was so excited that he was caught illegally tracking Crew Dragon on his phone during Mass on Sunday as it docked at the ISS.

Watch NASA Astronauts Arrive at the International Space Station on Sunday:

Top-line Coronavirus Information

~Is remdesivir still being considered a game changer? Gilead Sciences announced today more positive results of trials with the antiviral drug. This recent testing shows, remdesivir speeds the recovery in moderately ill patients with pneumonia from COVID-19. While a full clinical, peer reviewed study has yet to be published, it does look like patients who take the drug do recover faster than those who do not. FDA has not approved any treatment for COVID-19 but has authorized emergency use of remdesivir for the sickest of patients.

~Starting to travel again? TSA has new rules and procedures for airline passengers. Not only will you be wearing your face mask, but you'll be asked to social distance (probably requiring longer wait times) and have an actual printed boarded pass. Passengers are also being encouraged to check bags and not bring carry ons.

The GOOD Stuff

~How sweet is this? 7 year-old Curtis is this year's Prom King! Watch as he takes his nanny to prom —social distancing, peanut butter and apples and all.

~Texas Forever? Maybe so. Looks like Texas is showing us all how to re-open after nearly two months of lockdown. From dining out to rodeos, Texas is back to life albeit at 50% capacity but much more back to normal than most of the country. And since Texas reopened a month ago, new coronavirus cases have only been around 1,000 per day.

To all my Texas pals, I love ya and I'm moving in with you for the summer. See you soon.

~After 25 years in acting, what do you consider Will Ferrell's best roles? Buddy the Elf? Ricky Bobby? Frank the Tank?

All I have to say is, "You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy."


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