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Unofficial Insider's Guide to Coronavirus #10

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hello from Washington, DC.  

The Hargans are safe and healthy.  Sanity, questionable?  We are, however, looking forward to taking the afternoon off to spend with family and that is a HUGE treat for us as the boys and I have mostly spent the last six weeks by ourselves eating Big Macs and Papa Johns.  

As you know, I started sending these updates on Friday, March 13.  At that time, I had no idea that I would still be sending out news, information and drink recommendations to my friends and family six weeks later!  Many of you have suggested that I keep at it.  So perhaps blogging about politics and life in DC is in my future.  All I can say is that this has been cathartic for me and it has been a great way to stay in touch with so many of you.  


--Best up-to-date information

on the government response to the coronavirus

--Current Coronavirus Cases in the US

New & Notable: #1: The Trump administration is partnering with public and private entities to produce a coronavirus vaccine for the public by the end of 2020. The partnership involves the military, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. The unprecedented undertaking is called “Operation Warp Speed," and the goal of the project is to have 300 million doses of vaccine available by January.

#2Drug treatment possibilities?  Early Remdesivir data from an NIH clinical trial with COVID-19 patients is back and looks promising. Indications show the anti-viral speeds up recovery time.  However, much more testing lies ahead.

#3: FCC announcement yesterday that they will extend the "Keep Americans Connected Pledge" through June 30.  This is great news as more than 700 broadband and telephone service providers had committed to not terminate service to residential or small business owners or charge late fees during the coronavirus crisis.  To read more about the "Keep Americans Connected Initiative" read here.  (and y'all check out my friend Ajit Pai, the chair of the FCC, he's awesome)

#4: Great news for Floridians!  Gov. DeSantis announced that Florida will start reopening businesses Monday with some restrictions.  This includes restaurants and retail.  Here is Gov. DeSantis's "Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step" plan.  Anyone planning a late Spring Break trip?

#5: 31 states will be partially re-opening over the next few days.  Each state has released their own response plan.  Here is where each state stands on re-opening.   

Reminder that each state maintains a coronavirus response website.  Here are a few specific ones:

#6: Watch Eric Hargan today with Matt Schlapp on CPAC Live at 3:30 PM EST.  Click here to pre-register.  

And ICYMI, here is the link to Eric's appearance on Congressman Dan Crenshaw's "Hold these Truths" podcast earlier this week.  

Just for FUN:

~What is everyone eating during quarantine?  According to Chowhound, these are the most googled recipes per state.  Am I surprised that in Washington, DC we are googling how to make margaritas?  

~For all my local friends (and everyone else too) here are 10 ways to make great margaritas.

~Are your teens bored?  Try some new board games.  Check out Pandemic (is it too soon?) and Codenames.

~Looking for some high end hooch?  Check out Reserve Bar.  Order a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label delivered direct to your door.  Happy Mother's Day.

~Ready to travel?  Here are some ideas to consider once it's safe. I'll just say I'm down for the private island rental but a 'no' for RV share.   

~For those of you who missed the 'Parks and Rec' reunion episode last night on NBC here is a review. Re-watch the special via NBC or Hulu.  While you're at it, re-watch the entire seven season series on Hulu as well.  Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe... need I say more?

To end, watch Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks perform 'Amazing Grace' from their recent Inside Studio G concert. I hope you all have a great weekend and that sunshine is in your forecast.  Keep us in your prayers as we hold you close in ours.  Be safe and well.

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