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Unofficial Insider's Guide to Coronavirus #7

Hello and Happy Easter from the Hargan family in Washington, DC!  We are all doing well--surviving tough work schedules, school projects and warm, sunny days stuck inside.    

Right now the coronavirus crisis is all consuming--it dominates all aspects of our lives.  But this week there is another message that takes center stage this week:  Easter.  Easter brings hope.  It is the hope for not only today, but also for yesterday and tomorrow. Our current situation will pass but the promises of Easter will endure for eternity.  Listen to the Queen's Easter message--it speaks of light overcoming darkness and the hope Easter symbolizes.

A few things I wanted to share with you all this weekend:

#1:  Reminder:  CDC Coronavirus Website

#2:  Here are the Coronavirus Guidelines for America:  30 Days to Slow the Spread

#3:  Know how the virus spreads and how to prevent the illness.  Here's how to protect yourself and others

4#. Coronavirus Live tracker:  How many coronavirus cases have been reported in the United States?

~Some useful state links: California, Illinois, Virginia, New York, Texas

#5:  Here is some useful  information on using telemedicine and managing your health from home during this crisis. Remember to check with your healthcare provider and your insurance company on what services are provided and what costs are covered.  Currently Medicare coves the cost of telemedicine but other health insurance carriers may have co-pays or other direct-to consumer costs.

#6:  Here is an interesting factoid:  Iceland has tested more than half its population.  Iceland has about as many people living there as does Tulsa, OK.   Here's what it learned and what we can learn from it.

#7:  During this crisis, it's more important than ever to fight loneliness with love for our elders.  Check out Love for the Elderly and volunteer to write letters to older adults living in long term care facilities. 

#8:  Remember, parenting is hard.  Pandemic parenting is even harder.  When things outside your control change your life, it's what you do with what you can control that really shapes your children. This recent article in the Atlantic puts it all into perspective.  

#9:  Heads up!  Listen to HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan on Fox News Radio talk about coronavirus and treatment with hydroxychloroquine.

#10:  Watch this new Facebook commercial without crying.  It's moving.  Originally released as a way for the social network to promote its resources for coronavirus aid.  Check out ways in which you can help in your community directly on Facebook. 

So we all had our Spring Breaks canceled.  But that doesn't mean we can't indulge our wanderlust and still have a little fun.  Here are some suggestions:

#1:  Take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel #2:  Check out this AirBnb in South Beach Miami.  

#3:  Peruse this book of curated photos from the best travel blogs and Instagram         images of the most beautiful locations near, on, or under water. 

#4:  Go on a virtual expedition with National Geographic.

#5Visit the San Diego Zoo 

#6:  Take a tour of Paris

#7:  Enjoy classic Americana and ride some rollercoasters.  

#8:  Vote for your favorite Spring Break cocktail:  Sex on the Beach vs. Tequila Sunrise

Additional hot tips: 

--check out Winc--great wine of the month club.  Take their quiz and get four bottles a month.

--grab a copy of "Color to Declutter".  Order a digital download or a physical copy using my 25% friends & family discount.  Type HARGAN at check-out.  

Thanks again for all your kind messages and emails.  I love hearing from all of your.  Keep us in your prayers as we hold you close in ours.  Stay safe, healthy and have a happy Easter.

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