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Unofficial Insiders Guide to Coronavirus #9

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hello from Washington, DC!   The Hargan family is happy to report that we are safe and healthy.  I think we have achieved a happy work, school, life balance by regularly rotating fast-food, Door Dash, 7-Eleven runs for Big Gulps, and 5 PM speed walks around the block for exercise.

As most of you know, Eric has been working 24/7 for the last few months on the coronavirus crisis in his role as Deputy Secretary of HHS.  In fact, he has been the driving force behind the distribution of the billions of dollars allocated by Congress for the Providers Relief Fund (for doctors, hospitals, other health care providers) under the CARES Act.  Last week Eric got an email from one of our friends back home in Chicago. His health care company received provider relief funds from HHS and he wrote to express his gratitude.  This message meant the world to us--particularly during this time.  We feel so tremendously blessed. 


Please allow me to share: 

"please know the money made available yesterday via the CARES Relief Fund are vitally important to us and couldn't have come at a better time.  Please also know that all your hard work is making a real difference in the lives of so many who are hurting right now.  As a close second to the invaluable help these funds provide, what a pleasant surprise seeing your name at the bottom of the letter received with the check knowing with 100% certainty that you are accomplishing exactly what you set out to when you and Emily chose to accept the move out East in that you are making a real, true difference by doing what you do!"

Now on to the top-line information:

--Updates from CDC on cases of coronavirus in US.

--See also total cased by jurisdiction (states) by using the  CDC COVID Data Tracker

New & Notable items this week:

#1:  The Food & Drug Administration authorized the first diagnostic test for patient at home sample collection for coronavirus last week.   

#2: These are the six new possible coronavirus symptoms that the CDC just added to the list:  chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste and smell.

#3:  Much has been reported about sample antibody testing around the country but is it accurate?  What do we know about coronavirus antibodies and immunity--and what is still unknown?  This is an on-going debate and will continue to be for some time.  Would love to hear what you all think...

#4Many states are starting to ease coronavirus restrictions this week.  The goal is to get many people back to work and revive the economy.  I so wish I was on one of those beaches that re-opened this weekend.

#5:  Is social distancing causing you to feel more stressed and tired?  Frankly, I have been feeling burned out from working at home and from what I've read it may not be just because I'm super lazy.  It's because of Zoom fatigue.  Apparently these video interactions can be very hard on the brain and may be affecting our mental health.

#6: Shameless promotion for my hard-working husband!!! Listen to Eric Hargan on Fox News Radio last week with Brian Kilmeade.  

Just for fun:

--Why your pet is acting like a weirdo during quarantine.

--Banana bread is the official comfort food of the quarantine.  I never thought I would be referring to banana bread as comfort food but I've made it twice cause no one eats the bananas I buy.  Bonus: here's an easy recipe.  

--Dying for a latte?  Me too.  Starbucks announces their plans to reopen.

--Travel intel:  Southwest, Delta, United, and American extending Elite Status and Miles perks

--Tired of binge tv?  I know it's hard to admit you're now addicted. I'm already on season 5 of West Wing on Netflix.  I forgot how much I loved Sam Seaborne and Josh Lyman.  Anyway, here are the 15 Best Mystery Novels if you're able to turn off the tv in exchange for page-turning thrillers.

BTW, Mother's Day is in 2 weeks.  It's on May 10.   No excuses for not getting your Mom a gift or letting your husband/kids off the hook this year just because they're in "lock-down".  

Here are some gift ideas:

~Adorable Succulents Assortment from Amazon

~Framed Heart-Shaped Photo Mix from Minted 

~One of my faves & quarantine lifesaver:  Winc Wine Subscription

~The Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush from Drybar (hint: this is what I want)

~Do good & donate in honor of Mom to Feeding Americathe nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization with a network of 200 member food banks across the country.

And it just wouldn't be an update without a few cocktail recommendations from the Hargan bar.  Here is what we're drinking this week:  the Paloma (you'll like this so much better than a margarita), the Chucktown Sunrise (make with Fever Tree Ginger Beer) and Flowers Rose.  

Sending you all the best for the week ahead.  Please keep us in your prayers as we hold you close in ours.

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